"I get asked all the time about the meaning of the name 'Garage31' and to me it's a metaphor... the word 'garage' represents a space to create something new. A place where innovation knows no boundaries and time stands still. As for the number 31... that represents the versatility part kinda like Baskin Robbins 31 flavors " -Jason Prouty


the  art  studio  of  Jason  Prouty

These recent few years Jason has been experimenting with various wood panels as his canvases to create unique works of art with his monochromatic photo realism. These works have developed into a signature style that  Jason is now recognized for.
Garage Thirty One
THE Artist
​​As a native Oregonian, Jason has worked as a commissioned artist for the past 20+ years.  A versatile artist working on a wide variety of surfaces and constantly experimenting with different paints and techniques. He has a passion for learning new methods and pushing himself past the limits of 'conventional'. He currently works out of his private art studio in the outlying countryside south of Portland, Oregon.